Waterloo has many excellent squirrels. Sitting in the garden or a park, it is well possible to see 5 or even 10 of them at a time. They are nimble and elegant, their paths lead them over roofs and fences, up and down trees and even through gutters.

Unlike their European cousins, the Waterloo squirrels are not particularly shy. When it is warm outside and I read articles on my terrace, they will often come close and sometimes even jump on the table.

Squirrels come in different colors and sizes. The default version is optimized for their suburban surroundings and allows them to blend in smoothly with the vegetation.

The smaller version comes with exquisite styling details such as stripes. While also lively and busy in its behavior, it is often less bold and prefers to hide when one comes too close.

A good place to spot these cute little animals on campus is the Peter Russell Rock Garden.